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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Whats is a reseller hosting? or What does the term "reseller hosting" actually mean ?

Reseller Hosting, or reseller web hosting, is a way of hosting multiple website accounts for customers on single reseller panel at a consolidated monthly fee. Our Reseller Manager empowers you to :Sell Domain and hosting service to multiple customers world wide Provide Hosting for your clients website on high speed dedicated server with networks provide other value added services like domain name registration, SSL Certificates, Dedicated servers, Server Management solutions etc for customers, with n0 technical expertise. Exercise complete management for each domain names that has been resold to your customers.

This is of great benefits to resellers, as they don't need to invest in hardware, bandwidth, or IT staff to actually run web hosting services for their clients. Anyone can work from home or manage part time for extra income.

[Q] Why choose ResellerBasket for reseller hosting?
The parent company of ResellerBasket has been in the web solutions market for more than 15 years. Managing more than 10000+ Clients world wide with 100000+ email accounts. Team at ResellerBasket can offer the right solution for your requirements. With ResellerBasket as your hosting partner you could start web hosting business at very low investments and ensured high returns. ResellerBasket offers host reselling opportunities like Web Hosting, Dedicated Server, Email Services, SSL Certificates etc. ResellerBasket can also customize specific requirements for customers at no additional cost.Click for Detail Reseller Hosting Package.

[Q] So I can create a web hosting company without having any hosting equipment?
Yes. You don't need web servers, DNS servers, mail servers, All that you need is a good connection to the Internet. ResellerBasket provides you with the tools that you need to be successful in the online hosting market. so just Sign up for required account and start earning Money !

[Q] How do I protect my self clients from approaching ResellerBasket directly ?
ResellerBasket offers private label Hosting, Which means the client would never be able to find the source from where the reseller is buying the services. All the services provided by ResellerBasket for resellers are done on brand which is different from ResellerBasket. Clients would never be able to trace ResellerBasket Domain Name or Website from the domain name they are using. This way the customers do not know who the actual provider is, and do not try to go around the ResellerBasket for a better price. In most cases, the customer does not even know that he is using a reseller account.

[Q] What are the benefits of reseller hosting versus regular web hosting?
When you host with Reseller Basket You may host multiple domains, each with its own Panel account and separate login.
As a reseller, you may access all accounts from one central login and Control Panel.
We provide anonymous nameservers, to safegaurd yourclients from approaching us directly.
You may setup personal nameservers ( and

[Q] Can i host unlimited domain name and website ?
ResellerBasket allow such option with Dedicated server Hosting where you can host unlimited website and domain name using easy control panel.

[Q] How easy is it to set up and create web host accounts for my customers?
ResellerBasket provides an easy to use control panel that will let you control most aspects of your business. This makes the creation and maintenance of your customer's accounts quite simple. Click for Detail Reseller Hosting Package.

[Q] If one of my customers has a problem, who do they contact?
In most cases, even though you are not the actual provider of the resources, it is still your responsibility to provide the first tier support to your customers. You will have the ability to fix certain aspects of your customer's sites, but for the really technical issues, you will need to contact our dedicated support executives to assist you.

[Q] How many web sites can I host?
Based on different customer requirements, Reseller Basket has different hosting plans. You could opt in the plan which matches your exact requirements. The size and traffic of your sites are constrained only by the disk space and bandwidth of your chosen reseller account.

[Q] Can i host unlimited domain name and website ? or Unlimited domain hosting with ResellerBasket?
ResellerBasket allow such option only with Dedicated server Hosting where you can host unlimited website and domain name using easy control panel.

[Q] Telephonic Support is Free with ResellerBasket ?
YES. we provide Free telephonic Support to our reseller partners. We charge only for L3 support that also depends on case to case base.

[Q] Do you have own technical Staff for instant support or its just out source like many online web host?
We do have In-house dedicated technical support team so we are not dependent on any third party for emergency support. Click for Detail Reseller Hosting Package.


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